Lee Elaine fundraising for food in aid of Orang Asli families hit hard by COVID-19

Urgent food relief for Orang Asli communities whose employment and income have been disrupted!

Hi, I'm Lee Elaine, independent singer-songwriter and holder of The Malaysia Book of Records title for The Youngest Author. Amid the current global pandemic, the ongoing nationwide Movement Control Order (MCO) has caused and will continue to present a huge challenge to the lives of underserved communities across Malaysia. With rising unemployment and income disruption, some of our most marginalized Orang Asli communities (OA) are receiving the greatest blow.

Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to raise donation for the OA communities in collaboration with Global Peace Foundation Malaysia. The way it works : Donate RM10, you may redeem 1 free e-book of your choice, Donate RM50 or more, you may redeem all of the 5 e-books written by Lee Elaine. All donations collected will proceed to Global Peace Foundation Malaysia who has an amazing team to provide food relief for the OA communities during these difficult times. Click HERE once you’ve donated and you may redeem 1 or multiple free e-book(s) of your choice.

The choices are :
1) “Ethnic Musical Instruments of Malaysia” (English or Mandarin Version),
2) “Sunshine in Our Lives” (English or Mandarin Version)
3) “Please! Listen to Me” (English Version only).

Directions to redeem E-book :
1) When prompted at the “You Can Help” section below, please select your donation amount and enter your e-mail. (I believe that every support counts, thank you for your kindness)
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4) At the book redemption page, please enter your e-mail, select the e-book of your choice then click “submit”. (Donations of RM10 will have the choice to redeem 1 of the 5 e-books written by Lee Elaine, donations of RM50 or more, you may redeem all of the 5 e-books)
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6) That’s it! Thank you for your kindness and I hope you enjoy your read!

For any questions and/or concerns, please e-mail : leeelaine0127@hotmail.com

I have set a goal of raising RM50,000 out of the RM200,000 target initiated by Global Peace Foundation Malaysia. RM50,000 will support 1,000 families of the OA community. Each family will be given RM50 worth of food aid. Let’s work together to help the ones in need!

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Global Peace Foundation Malaysia for being an amazing organization that promotes innovative, values-based approach to peace-building in our lives. A huge shout-out to Dr Teh, CEO of Global Peace Foundation Malaysia and team for giving me full support on this donation drive, working restlessly to reach out to those who are in dire need.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all of you that are reading this and taking part in this charity. Together, we could give back to the society with our joined efforts and the help from all of you. A little means a lot.

The Issues

Many OA villagers rely on ad-hoc work for income. Without any work, a majority of OA villagers will no longer be able to bear the expenses of purchasing essential items such as food.

Many OA farmers' income are also be affected as they are now unable to sell products such as serai, petai and rubber due to the MCO.

The Solution

Provide food relief for 1000 OA families.

Each family will receive a total of RM50 worth of essential food that will last for up to two weeks.

Essential food items include rice, flour, sugar, cooking oil, bihun, biscuits and salt.

The Impact

Ensure that 1000 OA families across Pahang will have enough food until the MCO is lifted.

Provide 1000 families with some ease of mind during these trying times.

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    Ending on 30th May 2020

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    The books

    Ethnic Musical Instruments of Malaysia

    Available in English and Chinese

    Malaysia prides herself as a multi-racial and multi-cultural society producing a multitude of colourful music generated by an equally fascinating array of musical instruments. Music lovers worldwide not only found our music intriguing but are also enraptured by the aesthetically value of our instruments that they become collectors’ items. All races that make up Malaysia should take full credit for this, be they Malay, Chinese, Indian, communities from Sabah and Sarawak states, Orang Asli and other indigenous tribes.

    As you turn the pages of this book, you will be fascinated by the kaleidoscope of colourful pictures that are definitely a visual treat.

    Please Listen to Me

    Some of us, children, are being neglected by our parents, yet some of us are being over-indulged but many of us are being misunderstood. Whatever situation we are in, we are still children and unquestionably it is the parents’ responsibility, to the best of their ability, to nurture and guide us to be leaders of tomorrow.

    The process of bringing up children is certainly a long and arduous task, peppered with lots of sweats and tears and sometimes laughter as well. As in every process, communication is of paramount importance. It is often the lack of communication that leads to misunderstanding snowballing into more serious problems.

    With this in mind, “PLEASE! LISTEN TO ME” acts as the “mouthpiece” for children to parents telling them how we wish to be treated. The all-consuming book echoing the silent cries of children to their parents asking to be listened, to be understood, to be loved unconditionally.

    Sunshine in our lives

    Available in English and Chinese

    ‘Sunny days are here to stay because sunshine rays will always manage to pierce through the haze.’

    In life, we experience ups and downs just like the hazy and sunny days. But if we learn to view things positively and go through each day with an open mind peppered with lots of humour and laughter, there will definitely be more sunny than hazy days. Appreciate our family and friends, love our country, treat each other with respect, take care of the environment and protect our animal companions. Time cannot be put on pause mode so irrespective of how we treat life, the minutes just keep on ticking. We could and should of our level best to make the most out of life and convert every minute into moment of joy and happiness to treasure.

    In other words, live life with hope, honesty, passion and motivation like sunshine in our lives.

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